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Hip Hop on Trial (Soul Pages Archive Part 3 – Music Money and Hip Hop Honey’s)

June 27, 2012


The sweet wide-eyed OMG innocence of the presenter Nel Hedayat who took us on a journey through the world of Hip Hop and Honey on BBC3 last night had I and alotta my BB Messenger mates, and Twitterati tweeps kinda incensed at the slaphazzard way this documentary put all our biznizz in the streets…

Music Money and Hip Hop Honey’s did cover all bases from sexism, racism, stereotype, assault, stupidity, ignorance, nonsensical-ness, and noses 😉

Nothing we didn’t already know…Hip Hop videos on occasion exploit women, don’t pay all the girls very well, is controlled by sex hungry men, and it’s highly unlikely a chick is gonna make PEES being a video chick, especially in the UK. We knew this.

So why did the program annoy me? Possibly because, and this always happens so maybe I shouldn’t have been bothered, but whenever a topic which is close to my world is covered by the mainstream, it tends to be trivialised and made to look trashy and one dimensional. Am I being to snooty? Did I want it to have classical music in the background and in-depth scholastical disscussions debated over tea and scones peppered with long words and experts  adding their yah’s and I say’s? Possibly…

Cos it maybe would have been better than having Digital Dan representing all that is wrong with cultural mixing – his stereotypical exaggerated depiction of what it is to be a ‘non-black urban rudebwoy’ I dunno, whatever that thing, is, Digi Dan does,  hurt my feelings immensely! I geddit when you grow up in it and around it, but when you become  a parody of it…just…can’t…cope!

And then another crossover – Tashi the, ‘was she white/Mediterranean/Jewish?’ rich girl with an attention seeking nose (it’s not me…the Tweeters were going in on the nose last night)

Tashi who strived to be top biatch video chick had somewhat deluded herself  into believing her style of wearing nothing in a video was more high class than  the other chick who wears nothing in a video. Why? Because Tashi wore an all in one bikini, and NOT an all in one THONG erm bikini…get the difference???!!! She also had aspirations of being an artist……………………………………………………………………………………………………

In contrast to high flying Tashi, you had China BlackRozina and single mum Sherice (let’s not forget she’s a single mum), the black aspiring video chicks, who had yet to find fame or a pay-check even though China definitely fit the light-skinned pretty criteria, Rozina DEFINITELY had that ass that wouldn’t quit, and Sherice seemed to be about her business and she did manage to fall into a lead role in a minor video…(and let’s not forget she’s a single mum)…(I stress because she was introduced as SINLGE MUM SHERICE on more than one occasion)

The presenter spoke to UK artists K.I.G Family about their opinions about video girls…which made some of the members of K.I.G come across rather dim, but did highlight the fact that as much as artists want and need hot chicks in their videos, they somehow still look on them like they’re trash to be handled anyhow, spoken to like dogs and treated like prostitutes…

Nel even got to go to the states to speak to Angel Lola (one of  Hip Hop and R&B’s top video chicks), Casting agents, and experts in the US music industry who commented on the double standards and on the flip-side the extreme monetary potential of being a top video chick in the Hip-Hop world!!

All very insightful…So why was I agitated…possibly because this is a very big subject, which cannot be relegated to a fluff university piece by a presenter who…EXHALE!

Hip Hop which automatically makes you think of America, has signed sealed and delivered the fact that to be a rapper in a video you need chicks with big titties and massive attack backsides to propell your image of superfantastic king of all women to the masses! Nothing new.

Fwd to always a day late UK (love you, but you know we later than late itself) and our recent boom in musical popularity, where there is now a black music scene which has enough members to actually be called a scene, and dreams of reaching mini P.Diddy success is not so much a dream, more an almost possible reality. Which in turn means the UK video / glamour chick industry is growing rapidly with everyone and their cousin starting up an agency, promising the hottest UK girls around.

But the problem with the UK adopting/copying the style of our US cousins is that we copy errythang from the wrong to the right to the damaging! (Think gang wars!!! British Bloods and Crip crews highly unnecessary but actually exist!!!) And in regards to our video girls, well, they’re not as refined as our US sistrens.

Where our US sistrens won’t dare to leave their homes without their lace front freshly didded, nails polisheded, outfit namebrandeded, heels high-erm-heelededededed!!!

UK girls are lacking when it comes to having a  business mind. UK ‘Hip Hop Honeys’ don’t have their A-game in the forefront. They don’t think of themselves as a business. They will leave their homes with less than a weave, unfinished nails, and although it’s not about name brands, it is highly important your clothes cannot be called out as being from ‘insert hood name’ market. It’s not fair but law of the hot chick land!!!

SINGLE MUM SHERICE seemed a bit bemused that she’d fallen into the role of main girl in the K.I.G video. Shouldn’t that have been her game plan from the get go?

China had been on the scene for a year, nip tucking herself into perfection…could be right, but if she hasn’t been promoting herself 100% all that money spent on un-flattening her bits will be money oh so wasted…

Rozina seemed a bit more head focussed and determined, taking her and the back-off to the states, but then she got the BIG slap in her face for being too dark-skinned…

Which as a darkskinned sister I felt, because it’s another negative ideal which we’re adopting over here. Video chicks darker than cocoa butter need not bother, and if they do, please move to the back so HoneySugarCaramel can get to the front. Which is why ‘White/Meditarranean/Jewish’ Tashi’s perception of being better than the other chicks, is one encouraged by what’s deemed as acceptable in black music videos today…Light to White need only apply, even if your nose is like that of an anteater!!!

It’s a mixed bag of emotions I’ve always felt when watching ‘our’ videos…Like, see, I never wanted to be viewed as a piece of meat,  or a hoe who would jump on the Magic Stick, live in many Area Codes, and Lick IT like a Lollipop, but I DO want to be ALLOWED to be a hoe who will jump on the Magic Stick, live in many Area Codes, and Lick IT like a Lollipop. Just to prove a point.

An ongoing issue that ‘we’ don’t allow ourselves to talk about…is why can’t the main chick in a video be dark-skinned? The UK is worse, because artists are casting every other raced girls over black girls especially if they coffee-like! FACT no other music genre disses themselves in such an extreme way than black music! And as a lover of Hip Hop…can  a darkie  get to Throw it In The Bag…at least once?

(yes noted the irony after the rant, that Buffie is indeed dark-skinned…but proves my point that Yes We Can!)

The mis-conception of UK video girls that they’ll make it as big as Buffie the BodyAmber Rose, or Angel Lola is a great one. The UK music scene is not big enough to support artists and their video chicks! Artists are barely eating off their tiny record deals let alone you the girl who shakes her booty for a living!

Take note…EstelleIdris ElbaJay-SeanSophie Okenedo anyone from the UK trying to do big things in the creative industry end up emigrating!

Unless you have your 100% game head on, you will fail in the UK industry, and if you think you can just sashay over to the states without putting in the ground work you will get eaten alive!!!

So, my end point is…No BBC3 this is a very big subject, don’t do that again, you gonna cover a topic like this handle it with care,  you know we’re sensitive.

And word to my aspiring UK Glamour/video girls be on your A-Game at all times, don’t expect to get PAID if the artist still lives in the block next to yours. Don’t expect to be getting PAID if you haven’t negotiated with the agent, lead artist, leader of the pack before you make your way down to the shoot.  Don’t keep showing up at every single low budget video shoot going, cos you won’t get PAID if even Channel AKA viewers are bored of you. Do your research. Find out who, what, where, when, why and how…

Ebs xxx

(also BBC3 I’m available for work…And all UK artists…I got a chocolate booty which can clap any choone you puttin’ out there) 😉


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