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Hip Hop on Trial (Soul Pages Archive Part 1 – Rick Ross The Devilish Pied Piper?)

June 27, 2012


I’m MADDENED that I missed most of  the Google live debate which took place last night (Tuesday 26/06/2012) The topic: Hip Hop on Trial: Hip Hop doesn’t enhance society it degrades it…

It didn’t even pass my peripheral…I’ve been in a bubble these past couple months though I must admit! So delayed reaction of praise and hope for this world debating thing Google is attempting.

With legendary Hip Hop stalwarts, advocates and critics including: Estelle, KRS One, dream hampton, Michael Eric DysonCLICK HERE FOR FULL LIST  Hip Hop was up for serious discussion…

As I said I missed most of the debate but from what I saw, peeps were getting heated! I caught up with the mood via Twitter post debate and got embroiled in my own tête à tête with other staunch defenders of Hip Hop…

Not to say I don’t love Hip Hop. Not to say I don’t think Hip Hop is to be blamed for the world’s ills and although I didn’t watch the whole debate, I do think the title/question it was orchestrated under: Hip Hop doesn’t enhance society it degrades it… was too broad a stroke to debate under. Not all Hip Hop is degrading, so it’s not fair to tar everyone with the same brush…

BUT there are some areas of Hip Hop, and unfortunately/suspiciously it’s this type of Hip Hop which dominates the charts which has not helped ‘our’ image…from the insertion of the Nword into modern common language, to Misogyny which has contributed to the recklessness of relationships,  to Criminal glorification and validation of being a hustler and the Bitch, Goldigging, Hoeification of black women…

RICK ROSS IN CONCERT – DEVILISH PIED PIPER???? – Soul Pages Archive from 2010

Ricky Rawwssss is the new Bawsss of Hip Hop…even after all the battling with beef fetishist 50 Cent, and the reveal that Rick used to be a correctional officer, he’s still managed to become hood-popular with his very special brand of Maybach Music!

Even me…I used to frown down my lil square nose at Rick’s street laced style…but he’s got me, the beats, the rawness, the thuggery, that hood bad- man from round the way loving it so I love it too-ness of it all…and it’s bittersweet! Cos I’m not supposed to love it! I’m supposed to only love the concious back-pack Hip Hoppers who rap about the revolution and…skateboarding…HELP ME!

I went to the Rick Ross concert last night @ Hammersmith Appollo…and from the outside, it was apparent this was gonna be one of those nights!!!

Police vans, angry security guards, young youts with no tickets but determined to get in, guest list all squashed up and pushy! No searching!!!

Way beyond my grown ‘I don’t do this anymore! It aint 1993 damnit’ stance, but yet I stayed, got my ‘MY NAME IS ON THE LIST’ on,  met my homegurl, then went upstairs.  Looked down on the masses of people of which there were a lot, and proceeded to get my ROWDY THUG ‘BOW THROWING dance on waiting for the man to come on stage…and then he did, in a damn fur suttin’ coat! Causing everyone including my grown self to ack da fool!

What is the appeal? Guttah dutty lyrics, talking about nothing but drugs, guns, murder, and badman-ness! WHY DO I LOVE IT!?

I’m a grown woman! I have no business talkin’ bout ‘I THINK I’M BIG MEECH!’

There was even a younger yout’ with his pops in there! WHY!??

I remember going to 50 Cents first UK concert @ Wembley… (I hated 50 Cent when he first came out cos I was so angry with his street promotion lyrics) so I went to the concert so I could cuss him legitimately…It was scary…the cultish effect he had on the crowd, spitting his dirty lyrics word for word for word! And I remember seeing young kids with their parents, white and black…I couldn’t tell who would be more damaged…the young black kid who will struggle to steer away from crime as he gets to his teens, or the young white kid who grows up with a stereotypical view of what it is to be a black man…

Same thing at a Jay-Z concert…even though he’s got his grown man on, he’s still for the streets, he just hides his shit with clever wordplay…and don’t get me started on the illuminati rumours, I kinda hesitate whenever he tells the crowd to throw up the Roc sign…call me superstitious!

And the trick of the Rick Ross concert was that it was the first time, in a very long time, that I felt like I was at a true hip hop concert…(I missed the Redman & Method Man concert the other day – I know that would also have captured the spirit) Rick Ross was dark, it was crowd deep…and filled with chest slapping hip hoppers, who spat the lyrics like they wrote them theyselves! (Me included)

I miss this! Back in the nineties…when hiphop was small, and we only went to Kentish Town Forum, Hammersmith Palais and other small venues, to see Wu-TangNaughty By NatureSnoop/Dre & the Dog PoundBone Thugs N HarmonyCraig Mack…the list goes on…small intimate and underground.

But since Hip Hop has become the new pop…it’s selling out big arenas and has become multicultural…and okay yeah, make those P’s but damn I miss the old dayze!

I went to Snoop’s first concert @ Brixton academy after he dropped the Doggystyle album. Him, Dre, Rage et al…everyone wearing TimbsCarhartt, and bandanas… all Hip Hop heads all good…fwd to 2000-and something, went to a Snoop concert…I think in the same place…there wasn’t a Timberland in sight, and I felt like the minority!

But as usual I digress…Rick Ross concert ended with a fight, apparently someone got stabbed, and I saw a guy outside, topless with blood all over him. Which rounded up the night neatly!

Hip hop came from the streets, and as much as it evolves there’s no escaping who makes it, who loves it and who it’s for!  Ricky Rawwssss is most deffo the Da Bawsss…but after wilding out at a very rowdy hip hop concert, I have to put my mummy hat on and say! Stop the madness!? Rick’s lyrics….Live Fast, Die Young…NONSENSE I don’t want to die young! And Mr Ross, you were a damn correctional officer not Scarface (the character, not the rapper)!

For all those saying rappers like Rick Ross and the rest are for the streets, speaking the truth…FYI…once a rapper makes his first million…most times they stop being real and about the streets…cos living in a mansion isn’t hood…and if they continue to rap about the hood and hard knock life they no longer live…then they’re just exploiting your plight and suffering to ensure they never have to return to them streets you say they rep so hard!

(It’s so difficult loving hip hop sometimes…but I do so very, very, very, much! 🙂

Ebs xxx


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  1. Barbara permalink

    Great piece! Also exactly how I feel about hip hop and definitely not sure of the Roc sign too.

  2. Nii-Teiko permalink

    the conundrum of Hip-Hop eh… ;-)?

    The Almighty’s Blessings

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