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Bring Smacking Back Innit…

February 10, 2012

…And Let’s Get Our Kids Back on Track? (Soul Pages Archive Refixed)

David ‘I’m Running For Mayor’ Lammy  was recently headlined in the Daily Mail saying –  ‘The Smacking Ban led to the riots…’   the politician reasoned that a contributing factor towards the cause of the London riots which took place back in August 2011 was that, because of all these new laws defending children, parents had lost their power to control and chastise their children properly out of fear of getting thrown into jail.

Now, I’m gonna be real stereotypical and say that the parents who initially didn’t agree with smacking children were the kind of parents who:

  • Put their kids on kiddie leashes when out shopping yet fail to use the leash effectively when the child tried to wander…
  • Uses the words ‘Time out’  and ‘darling’ in the same sentence…
  • Allows the child to have tantrums in public, because they believe smacking will suppress the child’s human right to display anger…
  • Let their teens swear at them and around them because, ‘They’re just expressing themselves’…
  • Allow their children to smoke and experiment with drink and drugs, because, ‘They did a lot worse when they were kids’…
  • Let the boyfriend/girlfriend come round and not leave for a couple of weeks because they want to be down with the ‘yoof’…
  • Allow their kids to drink alcohol at the table from age 2 so as to learn how to include drink within their daily schedule ‘So European darlink’...

Those parents are the ones who believed that a light smacking was comparable to ABH / GBH /Assault With a Deadly Weapon. ‘Children have rights’ they say, ‘adults can go to prison if they attack another adult , the same should apply to parents beating children!’ others shout,  ‘it teaches kids to be violent adults.’ some exaggerate…

But the problem is, those easy, breezy hug a bad child parents tend to be parents of kids who aren’t facing life as the average person knows it…Kids who don’t look out across dirt and deprivation, who aren’t trying to avoid crime and hostility and don’t have to deal with racism and classism…

Not to say well to do kids don’t have their own issues that set them off the rails, not to say all working class parents do believe in beating their kids…but we need to re-set the balance a small piece!

Which THANK-YA JESUS I think it’s beginning to…Because according to an article in the Daily Mail a while back it would seem that these same softly-softly parents have started to realise that  a little smack goes a long way…READ HERE which supports part of Lammy’s statement that adults need to reclaim their authority and quick fast if we want to shape the future generation for the better.

Those parents who also seem to have the governments’ ear are finally waking up to the fact that if your child is constantly and routinely bad, ‘Time Out’ aint gonna cut it. Regardless your walk of life ALL kids need chastising to help them become well rounded individuals.  Today’s children/teens have too many rights. Too many reasons to say ‘I’m telling’, holding their parents to ransom just ‘cos their favourite character on television made it cool to ARGUE BACK!

(This is when you know life’s gone too far when a black child has the strength and bravado to talk back to his mother like this…don’t care ’bout my racial profiling that’s NOT how we ever did!)

But yet here we are 2012 and black kids over here are acting…like they got Royal Blood! As much as certain people are saying white kids are acting black…

Scroll to 01:19 to hear David Starkey’s oh so glorious analogy

Can I then be so bold as to say, that black children today are now acting W….estern? With all this talking back, and no fear, and ‘So WHAT I don’t care-ing-ness’ ?

See cos back in my day, in the average black household we only knew this Other type of parent…this Other type of parent knew that freedom and rights for children were not the way forward…this Other type of parent wouldn’t even acknowledge any smacking ban or law because according to them and even as David Lammy said…‘current legislation stops actions that lead to a reddening of the skin – which for a lot of my non-white residents isn’t really an issue…’  absolutely securing the fact that the law wasn’t meant to apply to this Other type of parent..(cos how can you redden skin that’s black like coal? #justsayin’)…this Other type of parent would/could never agree to the fact that a ‘beating’ was worthy of jail time…they’d argue with the judge throughout the proceedings…‘Your honor you want to jail me because I beat my child for stealing from Tesco? [insert black country cussings here]’ 

You see cos this Other type of parent would…

  • Buy a leash for their child NOT to keep them close whilst out and about but to use it as a weapon! Because when you’re out walking with this Other type of parent…running off, walking too fast, walking too slow, touching things, asking for things, complaining for food/the toilet/being too hot/too tired, speaking above a whisper…  is not an option! (ESPECIALLY when out shopping)
  • Time Out will forever mean a magazine about where to go in London…because according to the rules of this Other type of parent… naughtiness doesn’t get a pause, instead it gets dealt with instantly via a quick slap, or, the ‘Eye of Death’ which warned of a later beating, to which in that instance ‘Time Out’  would mean ‘Time Out’ until this Other type of parent can get to a place where they can beat their child comfortably…
  • To swear around this Other type of parent, would mean the child was already bags packed, in the car and just about brave enough to shout the swear word at the Other type of parent before speeding off and never returning…and GUARANTEED when the child decided to return home and say sorry at whatever age, the beating they escaped would be delivered before being welcomed back…the swear word they shouted when they left punctuating every slap.
  • Smoking because the parent smoked is irrelevant, because the rule according to this type of Other parent is:  DO AS I SAY NOT WHAT I DO BECAUSE I SAID SO. This also applies to alcohol. (Drugs would not be an issue because they were never taken by this Other type of parent, so understanding or sympathy in this instance is ZERO tolerance…DRUGS! IN THIS HOUSE…(prayers, church, beatings) etc. etc. etc….
  • And I mean after alllllllllll that, which child would dare to bring any boyfriend/girlfriend round to their house to be introduced to this Other type of parent before marriage…sometimes even after.

I’d like to take this moment to say THANK YOU MUM I love you for being that ‘Other’ type-a parent.

Ebs xxx

(P.S. Of course if you are a parent with part of your mind in the wind, and you can’t control your beating arm then I beg, I’m not talking to you! Seek help!)


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  1. I’ve now realised that when they first reported this story about David Lammy, I thought they’d said that smacking is what led to the riots, so I was dissing him. I now stand well and truly corrected and FULLY agree with him.

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